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Frying: Salty Snack Foods

Salty  snack food has provided culinary delight to the consumers all around  the world. This includes products like potato chips, corn chips,  extruded products, pretzels, pelletized products, nuts, meats and  vegetables in the western hemisphere and a variety of different products  in the eastern hemisphere.         MG Edible Oil has experience in snack food production, quality management and availability of oils in many countries around the world.  MG Edible Oil provides technical assistance and training to maximize product shelf life and improve profitability.        We have considerable experience in oil selection in various countries. Palm  olein and palm oil are used in most parts of the world to fry snack  foods.  Lightly hydrogenated soybean, cottonseed and corn are used in  USA.  We maintain the uniqueness of each oil, retaining the characteristic flavors they impart to the final product.          The  product category includes potato chips, corn chips, extruded products,  meat snacks, nuts, vegetables and several others.  The chips and the  nuts are either plain salted or seasoned with various types of  seasonings that are of regional preference.  However, the flavors of  snack food have crossed the international boundaries.  Seasonings from  the east have gained popularity in the west and vice versa. The oil  chosen for the fried product must provide the flavor, texture, mouth  feel and shelf life to the product.        It  requires special skills to produce and deliver fried snack food to the  consumers that do not develop poor texture or flavor in storage.    Special  understanding of oil chemistry, behavior of oil at elevated  temperatures; food oil interaction is required in order to minimize the  development of rancid flavor in the product. Additionally, understanding  is also required of the frying process and the DO's and DONT's in snack  food manufacturing process including the proper way to manage and  maintain the integrity of the oil.       MG Edible Oil provides expertise in all types of frying and par-frying.       Frying Operations    MG Edible Oil  provides complete services in frying.  This includes selection of  specific oil for a product, specification of frying conditions, oil  quality standards for fresh oil and oil in the fryer and oil quality  management procedure.    Frying is a complex process where the food is dehydrated at high temperatures.  Following steps occur during frying:     

  • •.               Internal moisture from the food escapes though the surface
  • •.               The surface undergoes browning reaction
  • •.               The food develops surface color and also fried flavor
  • •.               The oil undergoes oxidation, hydrolysis and polymerization

    The finished  product flavor, texture, mouth feel, aftertaste and shelf life depend on  the type of oil, the stability of the oil, frying conditions, degree of  oxidation in the fryer and packaging.  Oil quality management is a  critical requirement in producing shelf stable fried snack food.    There are different types of fryers:     

  • Restaurant or food service fryers are small. The fried product is served soon after frying
  • Industrial fryers can be batch or continuous type.  The products  from the industrial fryers are packaged and distributed through various  channels.  These products require shelf life ranging from a few weeks  to a few months.