M G Edible Oil Consulting, Inc



Vegetable Oil Productivity Improvement

M  GEO provides technical expertise in vegetable oil processing and its  application in various food products including industrial frying. To  produce high quality and stable oil at least cost, the oil processing must be carefully and precisely controlled.     Oil  stability can be greatly affected by the impurities present in the  processed oil. Some of these impurities are beneficial to the stability  of the oil and therefore they must be retained in the oil during the  processing. There are other impurities that are undesirable and must be  reduced to very low levels in the refined oil. For example, the  following table shows the list of common desirable and undesirable  impurities.    Improper processing of  the oil results in instability and poor performance of the refined oil.  This inferior quality of the oil is due to certain catalysts that are  produced through oil decomposition during processing.

We provide the technical know-how to prevent the formation of these oil decomposition catalysts to produce highly stable oils.   Economic  success of the processing plant is measured by the quality, cost and  performance of the product manufactured. MGEdibleOil provides quality  management, process management, equipment management and  personnel training to achieve the profitability of the processing operation.    As  part of our services we will review review of existing processes and  recommends action steps for achieving maximum productivity at a minimum  coat.

The following are areas of processing services we offer clients:   Refining  Bleaching  Hydrogenation  Deodorization  Winterization  Esterification  Storage and Distribution of Finished oils  Oil Productivity Improvement    Link to the AOCS web site.